Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Inner City Kids

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Inner City Kids

When my sister Ruth was in her 20’s, she had a Fresh Air Kid. She had to learn how to deal with the Kids. She told us that the kids would not admit that they did not know something. They used examples like if you asked them about a tree or a cow they would say they seen them before and knew what they were. They did this to show you that you could not believe them. It was not because they were liars. It was because they did not want to look stupid in a strange environment. Then they used the example that could be deadly. They said you will probably want to take them swimming. You will ask them if they can swim. They will tell you yes and they cannot. If you believe them they could die. Most of these kids live and play on the floor of their apartment building. Most of the world that we take for granted these kids will never see.

I thought about this a lot over the years.  Our part to broaden these kids’ horizons is to introduce them to fresh fruits and vegetables. The inner city kids think that fruits and vegetables come from a can. The Holencik Foundation supplies fresh fruits and vegetables to Resurrected Life Children’s Academy. We supply the fresh fruits and vegetables through Bedway Fruits at the Allentown Farmers Market. They go in every week and pick up the fruits and produce.

The kids love them. Their whole life will be different because of the simple experience of tasting a grape or watermelon. Imagine going through your life never tasting a fresh peach and having the juice run down your arm. There are a lot of kids that never get this experience. The little things mean a lot. You can help us bring this experience to more kids with your donations.

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